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This year, many young people start the new year by giving 1 chance of you in exchange for many smiles. From crafting activities for needy and underprivileged children through an online volunteer training camp on January 7, 2023. Which is a activity that organized online, but there is a lot of fun and good stories of helping happen within the camp.

Volunteer camp, but share experiences in making portfolios too ><

The participants; high school students get full benefit!! because during the activity there are special surprises from seniors who are attached to many portfolios came to exchange experiences and approaches to making a portfolio with the youngsters in a very satisfying way! And many youngsters say in the same voice that #Thisteamisawesome!!!!


It is an activity that allows you to participate in the awareness of the problems of a remote school. We have got the opportunity to learn how to make inventions for the children which is part of good activities that result in us knowing how to share with others, Busayarin Chaimueang.
I like it very much. I feel like I can use my free time to benefit, but I almost don't have free time. So interesting things to do but I don't know if I can do it, but I try to do something new, Benyapha Mcphimai
They are very knowledgeable. The more breaks and guidance in different ways "I got to know about the portfolio as well", Phakwalan Kheawwichai
The MCs explain very well, including the staff who are always helping. They can answer all of the participants' questions and able to explain about entering the university, Kaewkarn Singtothong
I really like this activity. I'm very impressed. It's a very good activity. I practiced skills to help others. I want more good events like this, Dusita Na Yao.
It is an activity that is an online volunteer camp. It's convenient to join. Im addition, the MCs in the camp also invited to talk and suggest about making a portfolio. Including various consultations, Juthamanee Iamsak


This camp makes us understand. Why we need to be involved in helping remote schools online!

Teacher Anurak Buanak, Ban Nong Pluang Noi School, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, shared in the event that although the school is a small school. But they need a lot of help because the budget is not enough. Many children do not even have notebooks and school supplies to use as learning tools. That everyone came to help in this activity is considered a very good thing that gives the school and children the opportunity to learn more.

Any good activities like this will definitely be held again around any youngsters who want to make changes to the online society. Do not miss to follow the news from!!!


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