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Double Learn Professional Team | ทีมงานจัดค่าย และกิจกรรมทางการศึกษาที่เป็นมืออาชีพ

Narubet Rakwijit

นฤเบศน์ รักษ์วิจิตร

Team | Speaker | CEO


As an award-winning entrepreneur and Bangkok University Talent Scholarship recipient, I bring six years of experience in leading innovative business ventures. A recognized speaker in public forums, I've earned accolades like the National Creative+ Excellent Project Award for my contributions to social impact in government, education, and sustainability. Passionate about advocating for marginalized communities, including those living with HIV and the LGBTQ+ community, I leverage my entrepreneurial expertise to drive meaningful societal change. Committed to making a positive difference, I embody a blend of strategic business development skills and a deep dedication to social causes.


Awards and Recognitions
  • National Creative+ Excellent Project Award

    • Awarded by the Office of the Minister of Defense, Thailand

    • Recognized for innovation and excellence in project development.

  • National Winner, Wake Up Me(dia) Award

    • Awarded for excellence in Facebook Page Creation and Strategy

    • Developed effective social media campaigns that garnered substantial user engagement.

  • Finalist of Line Hack Thailand (General Public)

    • The only one team of students in general public in final round of competition.

  • Finalist of YSEALI Summer Fellowship 2024 Program/Scholarship by U.S. Government.

  • 1st Runner-Up, Change the World National Speech Contest

    • Received recognition for delivering an impactful speech on social change.

  • 1st Runner-Up, Bakeley x BU business Competition

  • Winner of Energy Nexus Hackathon Boothcamp

    • An energy business ideation competition.


Professional Experience
  • Business Owner and CEO

    • Leveraged 6 years of experience in ideating and developing business projects from conception to implementation.

    • Oversee daily operations and strategic growth initiatives, building a successful and sustainable business model.

  • Elected to be Active Board Member of the Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM), representing the voice of youth and educational organizations in Thailand.

    • Specialized in advocating and devising strategies for the prevention and treatment of AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, with a focus on Thai youth and key populations.

    • Skilled in providing insightful recommendations and solutions for these health challenges, ensuring they are youth-centric and effective.

    • Adept in suggesting and overseeing the budget allocation for projects aimed at achieving our health-related goals in these areas.


Speaking Engagements and Consultancy
  • Speaker at Public Sector Development Commission

    • Presented solutions for improving the governmental services platform to benefit Thai citizens.

    • Influenced decision-makers in the public sector to adopt more citizen-friendly policies.

  • Speaker at Various Camps and Events

    • BIZ Camp, Youth Nique Camp, Beyond Camp by Double Learn

    • Provided insights on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social impact to diverse audiences.

  • Consultant for University Applications

    • Guided over 4000 students through the portfolio round of university applications, leveraging expertise in educational consulting.


Social Impact Projects
Government Development
  • Conducted comprehensive research on the platform development of “the governmental services information centre (”.

    • Played a key role in designing user experience, user research, functions, and UI/UX guidelines for the current version.

  • Collaborated with the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission to improve public services.

  • In my CCM role, I contributed to discussions on integrating public health perspectives into government service platforms, ensuring they are responsive to the needs of diverse communities.

  • Partnered with the Ministry of Education in policy design to improve educational standards.

  • Advocated for the reduction of violence in schools by developing a reporting platform accessible to students nationwide.

  • At Double Learn, applied this experience to enhance educational programs and services, focusing on innovative learning methodologies.

  • Involved in policy design discussions with the Ministry of Energy focused on sustainable solutions.

  • Launched the Uncommon Volunteer Platform, the only full online volunteering platform in Thailand.

  • Presented online solutions for citizen engagement at a meeting with the Thai Parliament.

  • In my CCM role, contributed to the development of sustainability policies that intersect with public health concerns.

Advocacy for Marginalized Groups
  • Participated in the Thai Parliament's meeting about equal marriage rights for LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • Designed volunteering programs to support education for the blind, such as "Read for the Blind" and "Write for the Blind".

  • Through CCM, extended these advocacy efforts to include health initiatives for marginalized communities.

  • Worked closely with the PLHIV community in Thailand to reduce stigma and discrimination.

  • Engaged in discussions with UNAIDS executives in Thailand to address national issues related to HIV/AIDS.

  • My involvement with CCM has enhanced this work, providing a broader platform to advocate for the needs and rights of the PLHIV community.


  • Talent Scholarship Student, Bangkok University, Thailand

    • Major: Entrepreneurship, International Program

    • Participated in advanced courses focusing on innovation and startup development.

  • Udonpichairakpitaya School, Thailand

    • Enrolled in a specialized Math/Science Enrichment Program

    • Engaged in advanced STEM projects, laying the groundwork for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Speaker Experience with DBL

Staff Experience with DBL

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