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Double Learn Professional Team | ทีมงานจัดค่าย และกิจกรรมทางการศึกษาที่เป็นมืออาชีพ

Narubet Rakwijit

นฤเบศน์ รักษ์วิจิตร

Team | Speaker | CEO


I am Narubet Rakwijit, CEO of Nocommon Co., Ltd., and a board member of the Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM). An awarded entrepreneur and consultant, I specialize in public health strategies and social impact, driving significant CSR initiatives and enhancing government services through innovative solutions.


Outstanding Skills
  • Large-scale project management

  • Bilingual in Thai/English, exceptional communicator

  • Creative ideation and strategy

  • Team leadership and collaboration

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

  • Proficient in key professional software


Awards and Recognitions
  • 2024 - YSEALI Spring Fellowship - Full Funded Scholarship

    • Program/Scholarship by U.S. Government | Department of State

  • 2024 - Youth Sounding Board for EU in ASEAN 2024-2025 - Finalist (Announce Soon)

  • 2018 - National Creative+ Excellent Project Award

    • Awarded by the Office of the Minister of Defense, Thailand

    • Recognized for innovation and excellence in project development.

  • 2019 - National Winner, Wake Up Me(dia) Award

    • Awarded for excellence in Facebook Page Creation and Strategy

    • Developed effective social media campaigns that garnered substantial user engagement.

    • Recognized for outstanding Facebook Page Creation and Strategy. Executed impactful social media campaigns with significant user engagement.

  • 2023 - Finalist of Line Hack Thailand (General Public)

    • Sole school team in finals of public sector. Launched platform to enhance local resident services.

  • 2017 - 1st Runner-Up, Change the World National Speech Contest, English Sector

    • Received recognition for delivering an impactful speech on social change.

  • 2021-2026 - Talented Scholarship (Academic), Bangkok University.

    • Recognized for outstanding business/project management skills.

  • 2023 - 1st Runner-Up, Bakeley x BU business Competition

  • 2022 - Winner of Energy Nexus Hackathon Boothcamp

    • An energy business ideation competition.

    • Presented the solutions on agricultural business model.

  • 2017 - Outstanding Youth with Thai Language Skills

    • Honored by the Ministry of Culture, Udonthani.


Professional Experience
  • Business Owner and CEO

    • 2020-now | CEO - Nocommon Co,. Ltd.

      • Oversee operations, drive growth, and establish a sustainable

        business model for long-term success.

      • Pioneered a top online volunteering platform in Thailand,

        engaging 25,000+ volunteers for impactful CSR initiatives

      • Navigate financial crises, industry transformations, and

        management challenges, ensuring business resilience and

        continued success.

    • Leveraged 6 years of experience in ideating and developing business projects from conception to implementation.

    • Oversee daily operations and strategic growth initiatives, building a successful and sustainable business model.

  • 2017-now | Management Consultant - Freelance

    • Consultant in project management for education, CSR, sustainability marketing, system development, and UX/UD.

  • Elected to be Active Board Member of the Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM), representing the voice of youth and educational organizations in Thailand.

    • Specialized in advocating and devising strategies for the prevention and treatment of AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, with a focus on Thai youth and key populations.

    • Skilled in providing insightful recommendations and solutions for these health challenges, ensuring they are youth-centric and effective.

    • Adept in suggesting and overseeing the budget allocation for projects aimed at achieving our health-related goals in these areas.


Speaking Engagements and Consultancy
  • Speaker at Public Sector Development Commission

    • Presented solutions for improving the governmental services platform to benefit Thai citizens.

    • Influenced decision-makers in the public sector to adopt more citizen-friendly policies.

  • Speaker at Various Camps and Events

    • BIZ Camp, Youth Nique Camp, Beyond Camp by Double Learn

    • Provided insights on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social impact to diverse audiences.

  • 2022-now | Double Learn

    • Dynamic speaker on management, innovation, self-development

      for Thai students. Project management consultant specializing in

      ideation, development, and system design.

  • Consultant for University Applications

    • Guided over 4000 students through the portfolio round of university applications, leveraging expertise in educational consulting.


Social Impact Projects

Government Development
  • 2020, Thailand - Conducted comprehensive research on the platform development of “the governmental services information centre (”.

    • Played a key role in designing user experience, user research, functions, and UI/UX guidelines for the current version.

    • Led an R&D initiative for the Office of Public Sector Development, significantly enhancing the national government service info center.

    • Launched in 2021, this project streamlined public services, marking a pivotal improvement in human development infrastructure.

  • Collaborated with the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission to improve public services.

  • In my CCM role, I contributed to discussions on integrating public health perspectives into government service platforms, ensuring they are responsive to the needs of diverse communities.

  • 2018-2019 - Collabrorate with the Ministry of Education in policy design to improve educational standards.

  • Advocated for the reduction of violence in schools by developing a reporting platform accessible to students nationwide.

  • At Double Learn, applied this experience to enhance educational programs and services, focusing on innovative learning methodologies.

Sustainability/Civic Engagement Development
  • Involved in policy design discussions with the Ministry of Energy focused on sustainable solutions.

  • 2018 - Now, Thailand - Founder of Thailand’s leading online volunteering platform through the Uncommon Unique Project.

    • I've established a robust platform since 2018 that champions volunteerism and fosters community-led development, a cornerstone for fostering human development.

  • 2019 - Now - Presented solutions for citizen engagement at a meeting with the Thai Parliament.

  • 2023 - Now - In my CCM member role, contributed to the development of sustainability policies that intersect with public health concerns.

  • 2022 - I partnered with Kiatnakin Bank and McKinsey on CSR projects addressing educational challenges, showcasing the impact of corporate-community collaborations on sustainable growth and human development.

Advocacy for Marginalized Groups
  • Participated in the Thai Parliament's meeting about equal marriage rights for LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • Designed volunteering programs to support education for the blind, such as "Read for the Blind" and "Write for the Blind".

  • Through CCM, extended these advocacy efforts to include health initiatives for marginalized communities.

For PLHIV, Sexual Health, and Sexual Education
  • 2024, UNaids New York, U.S. - Meeting and disscussion with director/team of UNaids New York Office, Consellor of Permanent Mission of Thailand to UN.

  • 2019, United Nations, Thailand - Meeting and discussions with the country coordinator and UNaids director of Thailand.

  • 2019 - Now, Thailand/Asia - Collabration/Engagement with United Nations Thailand and UNAIDS Asia Pacific

    • I've actively contributed to the design of health and education policies, emphasizing the need for inclusive strategies that address stigma and discrimination.

    • My efforts include orchestrating press events and stakeholder conferences that advance the understanding and implementation of effective policies in these sectors.

  • Worked closely with the PLHIV community in Thailand to reduce stigma and discrimination.

  • Engaged in discussions with UNAIDS executives in Thailand to address national issues related to HIV/AIDS.

  • My involvement with CCM has enhanced this work, providing a broader platform to advocate for the needs and rights of the PLHIV community.

Through various Educational Initiatives and Social Impact Advocacy, I've not only orchestrated events but also championed diversity in educational settings. My work supports the rights and inclusion of less-opportunity students, disabled individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, and people living with HIV.


  • President of Student Union (Leadering Team) of Bangkok University - 2024

    • Effectively increase engagement rate of students

    • Estrabish/enhance effective governance structure of student union

    • Successfully evocate development of BU Mobile App 2024

  • Talent Scholarship Student, Bangkok University, Thailand

    • Major: Entrepreneurship, International Program

    • Participated in advanced courses focusing on innovation and startup development.

  • Udonpichairakpitaya School, Thailand

    • Enrolled in a specialized Math/Science Enrichment Program

    • Engaged in advanced STEM projects, laying the groundwork for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

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