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Double Learn Professional Team | ทีมงานจัดค่าย และกิจกรรมทางการศึกษาที่เป็นมืออาชีพ

Kanjanawadee Mahachindamontree

กาญจนาวดี มหาจินดามนตรี


I am someone who is deeply committed to personal development and growth. My passion lies in organizing community events, and I find joy in easily connecting with others. This innate ability to engage and collaborate forms the foundation of my professional and personal pursuits.

Soft Skills: I have honed a diverse range of soft skills that enrich my professional capabilities. As an event host, I bring energy and charisma to gatherings, ensuring that every event is engaging and memorable. My video editing skills allow me to create impactful visual narratives, transforming raw footage into compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

Hard Skills: In terms of hard skills, I am adept in photography and photo color grading, ensuring that every image I capture is not just a picture but a piece of art. My experience as an Event Runner has equipped me with the ability to manage event logistics efficiently, ensuring smooth and successful outcomes. Attention to detail and organizational skills are my strong suits, helping me oversee events meticulously from start to finish.

Experience: My journey has been diverse and enriching:

  • I have played a pivotal role in preparing and managing a Psychic Camp, which was an enlightening and fulfilling experience.

  • In the realm of film production, I have embraced multiple roles with enthusiasm and creativity. As a screenwriter, I weave compelling narratives; as a director, I bring these stories to life on screen. My responsibilities have also included being an Art Director, where I ensure that every visual element aligns perfectly with the narrative, an Editor, where I meticulously piece together scenes to create a seamless flow, and a Sound Technician, where I capture and refine the auditory aspects of productions.

These experiences have not only shaped my professional abilities but have also instilled in me a profound appreciation for collaborative and creative efforts. I look forward to bringing my blend of skills, passion, and dedication to new and challenging ventures, continuing my journey of growth and impact.

Speaker Experience with DBL

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